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Main Services

Project Management

Given the fact that the project needs the touch of professionals and experts, we are ready to apply our wealth of experience in making your project a dream come true. Onitree delivers enduring and desirable results.

More specifically, we extend partnership hand to individuals and organizations alike with the aim of transforming your niche into reality. This thus drives bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.

It is a fundamental principle that leading a project or transforming people’s niche into reality is not an easy task. It requires systematic planning and full devotion of time. Those are the two virtues that define our project managers.

Industry Consulting

Being a China-based consulting firm that specializes in the niche market in China, Onitree has been much favorable to many companies from far and near. We network and affiliate you with reliable marketers in your respective niches.

Based on the above, we implore you to take the right action by getting introduced and accustomed to China market through the service of Onitree. We remain results-driven global consulting firm that helps businesses of different forms to break barriers and address complex organizational challenges.

Supply Chain Management

Onitree consulting firm focuses on facts and values when making decisions with the aim of ensuring that the niche of clients is positively affected. Our supply chain management work towards enhancing financial value for customers.

More importantly, we adopt a hands-on approach to management consulting which focuses on the activities that enhance our clients’ ROI. In line with our age-long existence, we provide a supply chain that networks you with people of similar niches. This will not only expand your sale but also boost your connection and accessible realization of your goals.


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Fengxian, Shanghai 201400

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Onitree Consulting firm was developed with the primary objective of providing clients with useful information concerning their niche. Here, we bridge the gap between clients and sellers. We offer quality advice, particularly to the new clients in the market to guide them through. It is fundamental that being a China-based business consulting company, we focus on the niche market.