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Identifying the best market goods for your niche...

Project Management

Given the fact that the project needs the touch of professionals and experts, we are ready to apply our wealth of experience in making your project a dream come true. Onitree delivers enduring and desirable results.

Industry consulting

Being a China-based consulting firm that specializes in the niche market in China, Onitree has been much favorable to many companies from far and near. We network and affiliate you with reliable marketers in your respective niches.

Supply Chain

Onitree consulting firm focuses on facts and values when making decisions with the aim of ensuring that the niche of clients is positively affected. Our supply chain management work towards enhancing financial value for customers.

Core Industries



Against the backdrop of the fact that electronic is the application of devices controlling the flow of electrons, Onitree consulting services help in the realization of your electronic niche with just a call directed to our experts.

Interestingly, we network you with professionals of worth in the field of the electronic system.  These are people who do not only focus on the hardware parts like Radio, Television, Iron, and co.; they also examine components that are generally connected and being soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB). It should be noted that each has a specific function (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, or oscillator). You are a step away from your desirable electronics by making contact with us.



Onitree consultancy is well known and grounded in the field of machinery with a special focus on the steel industry. We have a track record in the business, and our unique performance has given us an edge with many clients who buy automotive, truck, white goods, construction, and other related heavy materials.

More importantly, Onitree consulting firm has more than 250 partnerships with ICT clients with the view of improving both Revenue Growth and Cost/Capital efficiency. Based on the numerous reports that are available for your digestion, it is thus believed that you will harness this opportunity for the realization of your niche. We do welcome feedback or discussion with our team for further clarification.



The integral part of human existence is medicine. It is the science that oversees the conduct of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Knowing that human beings often seek medical attention in China, Onitree is the most reliable consultancy firm you can always rely on.

In this regard, we would help you identify a variety of healthcare practices with the view of maintaining and restoring health through the prevention and treatment of illness. More often than not, clients do seek medical tools. In line with our basic standard, we would connect you with a reliable firm that produces non-sterile surgical instruments as device components such as 3-D Mammography Machines, Robot Surgical Machines, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CAT Scanners, Particle Accelerators…



Infrastructure refers to the critical element that is often prevalent in a country, city, or area. It is unarguably clear that China is a force to be reckoned with when identifying the list of developed countries in term of infrastructure. Therefore, Onitree consulting firm is here to affiliate you with renowned and infrastructural based establishment.

More fundamentally, infrastructure is broadly categorized into public and private realms. These two entail physical improvements such as roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, electrical grids, and efficient telecommunications. There is no doubt that infrastructure is particularly needed across various niches.





Onitree is a famous China-based consulting company. As our name implies, we focus on our eyes on a niche market in China with the underlying motive of bringing you a lot of benefits. Creditably, we have agile and practical methodologies that identify the problems or challenges affecting a company’s niche with the view of reviewing available options and provide solutions. Let’s begin a partnership today!


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Onitree Consulting firm was developed with the primary objective of providing clients with useful information concerning their niche. Here, we bridge the gap between clients and sellers. We offer quality advice, particularly to the new clients in the market to guide them through. It is fundamental that being a China-based business consulting company, we focus on the niche market.